Barry 02 webV1_Color_Close2For whatever reason, I’ve always felt the need to communicate ideas, feelings, and experiences. In fact, just about anything that might make one ponder, laugh, cry, feel compassion or be driven to anger always seemed like it ought to be probed for deeper meaning, even if nothing extraordinary was ultimately revealed. So to that end I always found myself writing.

As many of you know, I’ve dabbled in more than a few other disciplines to facilitate my obsession with communication.To name a few: art, marketing, photography, athletics, spirituality and of course, sex, drugs and rock and roll (and every other type of music I could get my hands on). All have had their seasons in the sun of my psyche. Pardon the somewhat forced alliteration. All along though, through every twist and turn and fork in the road, (all of which I have taken, thank you Yogi Berra) there has always been writing.

I’ve always enjoyed books, be they comics or reference, novels or textbooks, and I love a well-wrought sentence as much as I love a face melting Hendrix solo or skiing through fresh fallen powder in the trees. Words are indeed powerful, but they can also be fun, reckless, deep, frivolous and even life changing. And it is in in those various saucepans of human experience that I endeavor to stir my sentences and hope they are tasty to at least some who love to read.

So here you will find writing, discussions and items of interest (to some) ranging in form, style and content. You may stumble into an essay or be assailed by a poem. Fiction and non-fiction will live in sin together and there’s no guarantee that a haiku mightn’t leap off the page and crash into a lyric. I do hope you’ll find something you enjoy, and I encourage you to comment and let me know how far astray you think I’ve gone.


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